Le jardin de Béa (Biot, France)

Beatrice Simeon is vegetable grower at Biot in the region of Nice (France). She grows various vegetable spedies in integrated production on 2 ha under protection. The production is sold directly at the farm or via AMAP (Association for the maintenance of peasant agriculture). For the control of aphids, Ms. Simeon uses VerdaProtect on her tomatoes, zucchini, beans and melons. “I chose to use VerdaProtect because I refuse any use of pesticide, in order to respect the environment and the health of workers and consumers,” says Mrs. Simeon. She adds: “I was quickly convinced by the product. Introduced preventively, it offers a remarkable efficiency in the control of the various aphid species that I encounter on my farm. For its ease of use, VerdaProtect also makes

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