Biological crop protection against aphids in Blue Berries Hil & Moer.

“We have been using biological control agents against aphids for several years now, but there were still some difficulties” explains Theo van Montfort of Blue Berries Hil & Moer. In the greenhouses where two different varieties of blueberries (Duke and Nui) are grown, we use as few chemicals as possible. This means that a reliable alternative was to be found. Crop protection with beneficial insects gives the possibility to reduce the amount of treatments with chemicals and still keep the various pests under control. After Theo van Montfort has tried different strategies for several years, he can finally say:

“Since I use BerryProtect in my greenhouses and that I adopted a preventive strategy (Release of parasitoids before aphids appear), I found a really good alternative to chemical treatments against aphids”.

This mix of five different species of wasps control the most commonly found aphids in blueberries and therefore, biological control is much easier for growers.

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