OrnaProtect – for aphid control in ornamental plants

OrnaProtect saves about 60% of labor time.

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  • Protects ornamental plants against aphids
  • Ideal for mixed ornamental crops
  • No need to identify aphids
  • No development of resistance possible
  • Less labor and time needed to protect crops
  • Saves on aphicides
  • Easy integration with chemical crop protection
  • Long lasting effect at broad temperature range
  • Reliable and consistent quality
  • Quick and easy application
  • Safe for humans, plants, and the environment

Target crops

Mixed ornamental plants (incl. begonia, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, gerbera, hydrangea)


In ornamental plants, where aphid tolerance in the market is very low, OrnaProtect – used in a preventive strategy – offers a natural way to control this pest throughout the crop season. Increasing multiresistance to insecticides also makes chemical control of aphids more and more complicated. By replacing aphicide application, OrnaProtect is the solution to all these emerging problems. It is able to control all commonly appearing aphids in ornamentals. Its application in the ready-to-use units is much faster than even any chemical treatment.

OrnaProtect is used on many species of flower – begonia, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, gerbera, hydrangea and more – in different production systems, including potted plants and cut flowers, in various European countries. It is easy to apply, minimises time and labor costs, and ensures efficient control of aphid populations.

See results of trials (ISCP conference, Gent 2012)


Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Check local registration requirements.
Viridaxis can not be held liable for unauthorized use.

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