Ferdinand Jolly (Ittre, Belgium)

Mr. Jolly spends annually about 2 ha of its Farm to grow strawberries (full ground cultivation in tunnel). The total production is marketed through direct sales on the farm. To provide a safe product to its customers and in the context of a global environmental reflection on the farm, Mr. Jolly has opted for an integrated approach for crop protection. “Against aphids, I use the cocktail of parasitoids, FresaProtect. Since it is on the market, I used this product every year with satisfaction. It is very easy to implement and offers a very good control of various aphid species. The variety I grow, Lambada, is very popular among the public but it is also very susceptible to attack of aphids. Since I use FresaProtect, aphids are no longer a concern. It is obvious that I will continue to use FresaProtect in the future. “

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