Meffre Plant: VerdaProtect for aphid control.

The company “Meffre Plants”, in Monteux (Southern France), products plants for the vegetable sector for many years. Coming from a family of vegetable growers, they apply the most advanced techniques to meet the demands of their customers: the use of anti-insect nets, grafting, computer-aided management and the use of a mix of parasitoids against aphids. The company manages pests extremely carefully: “We produce plants for the conventional and for the organic sector and we must deliver plants responding to customers’ requirements” explains Thierry Meffre. “Used for many years in our greenhouses, the cocktail of parasitoids, VerdaProtect offers a good protection against the various aphids that can be observed on the farm. It easily fits into our strategy to fight against pests and its ease of use allows us to focus on other important issues.”

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