The nursery Hanka

Hanka nursery in Kempen (Germany) grows several species of ornamental plants including white potato vine (Solanum jasminoides), Helianthus or Argyranthemum on an area of 3.4 ha of greenhouse. The company is characterized by a high interest in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and invested, for example, in a geothermal heating and heat pumps. In 2012, Mr. Uellekes, responsible for the cultures of Solanum jasminoides, used OrnaProtect in his greenhouse of mother plants. These plants are extremely valuable as they provide cuttings for the entire production of Solanum for the company. Throughout the year, aphid attacks were well controlled and no insecticide against aphids was necessary. According to Mr. Uellekes, the system OrnaProtect is really attractive. Its use is very simple and fast. He adds: “The workers in charge of the harvest of cuttings are continuously in contact with the plants. Reducing their exposure to chemicals is one of our priorities. With OrnaProtect, we have significantly reduced the amount of insecticides used in this greenhouse compared to what we did in the past. Without any doubt, we will extend the use of OrnaProtect to other departments of our production. “

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