The municipal greenhouses of Roubaix

The city of Roubaix is fully autonomous for its plant production for annual and biennial flowering of public spaces. In its 4000 m² of greenhouses, it produces a large number of different species of ornamental plants. Since 2007, the fight against pests entirely follows the integrated pest management (IPM) guidelines. In this context, OrnaProtect was tested in 2012 on the entire surface of the municipal greenhouses. On the production of summer flowers (Ipomea, Ageratum, Argyranthemum, Swiss chard, Rudbeckia …), no insecticide treatment was needed. For the production of autumn flowers (pansy, dusty miller, common daisies …), OrnaProtect has reduced insecticide use of several generalized treatments usually to a single spot treatment. According to the site manager, Isabelle Chansellé-Becue, the results are really satisfactory. In addition to efficacy, she praises ease of use and the working comfort that it generates at the staff level. Without hesitation, Mrs. Chansellé-Bécue adds: “We had the chance to be the first municipality to test OrnaProtect and we will continue to use it in the future. It is a product that I also recommend to my colleagues for the benefits it provides and for its effectiveness. “

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