Clock House Farm (Kent, UK)

Clock House Farm in Maidstone specialises in the production of fruit (soft fruits, stone fruits and top fruits). It has been using FresaProtect in its strawberry crops, with excellent results. In Elsanta, control of the potato aphid has been spectacular. Production director James Dearing believes he has saved two to three sprays compared to previous strategies. In everbearer production (Amesti), FresaProtect even managed to keep aphids below the observation threshold. James affirms: “I am very pleased with the results of FresaProtect on the farm. Aphids were one of the pests for which we lacked a reliable biological solution, and the use of insecticides for aphids also affects the beneficial insects that control other pests. With FresaProtect, we can greatly reduce our insecticide use and maintain healthy populations of beneficials. We will certainly keep using FresaProtect on our strawberries.”

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