Béatrice Simeon (Biot, France)

Beatrice Simeon produces strawberries (charlottes and other everbearers varieties) in the region of Nice (France). Because she is convinced of the environmental benefit and because there is a growing demand from consumers for healthier products, Ms. Simeon chose to work with an IPDM (integrated pest and disease management) strategy. “The use of beneficilas is obvious to me because I do not want to put any chemical pesticide on my crops and I did not find any alternative treatment. Against aphids, I use FresaProtect, the mix of parasitoids from Viridaxis. It is very simple to use and allows good control of various aphid species found on strawberries. “Mrs. Simeon concludes: “Since I use FresaProtect, aphids are no longer a concern and it is really appreciated.”

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