Yves Hendrickx, director of PPK (Research station for organic soft fruits) at Pamel

The PPK (Provinciaal Proefcentrum voor Kleinfruit, Pamel) in Belgium is an experimental station specialised in organic soft fruit production. In 2013, FresaProtect was used in a tunnel with the junebearer Candiss, an aphid sensitive strawberry variety. Releases started preventively in March just after covering the tunnels. The tubes were installed in the tunnel with the new hanging release devices to avoid predation by ants. Three species of aphids were observed in the crop (Chaetosiphon fragaefolii, Acyrtosiphon malvae and Macrosiphum euphorbiae). All were perfectly controlled and mummies from three different types (Praon volucre, Aphidius sp. and Aphelinus abdominalis) were found in the plot. No aphid damage was recorded until the end of harvest. Retrospectively, Yves Hendrickx, director of the PPK, says: « I am very pleased with the efficacy of FresaProtect. On the tested variety (Candiss), you must always fear aphid problems, even if the general pressure is low. Thanks to FresaProtect, those aphids were perfectly controlled. Without any doubt, I will continue to use FresaProtect in our strawberry trials in the future. »

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