Ms. Krüger-Bartz, Straelen (Germany)

Ms. Krüger-Bartz grows strawberries in the region of Straelen (North Rhine Westphalia). In order to minimize the use of pesticides, the control of pests is based on the principles of integrated pest management. For aphid control in her strawberry production, Ms. Krüger-Bartz uses FresaProtect: “It’s already a long time that I use beneficials in my crops. Used in a preventive strategy, they keep pests at a low level, and that is only in exceptional cases that a chemical correction is needed. In strawberries, many species of aphids can be a problem. The combination of six different species of parasitoids in FresaProtect controls all these aphid species without having to identify them. I’m really satisfied with the efficacy of FresaProtect, including on the potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae), which is more resistant to several insecticides. Obviously, I will continue to use FresaProtect in the future.”

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