Joris Volckaert

Joris Volckaert’s nursery in Nazareth (Belgium) has 0.5 hectares of heated glasshouses. Joris grows a variety of houseplant species including Kalanchoë, Muehlenbeckia, Vinca Rosea (Madagascar periwinkle), Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia. Throughout 2012, Joris used OrnaProtect to control aphids in his most important crops (Kalanchoë and Muehlenbeckia). Several species of aphid occurred in these crops in the course of the year, but OrnaProtect kept all of them under control. The main advantage of OrnaProtect, according to Joris, is that his insecticide use has been greatly reduced in comparison with previous years. Any spraying carried out was localised. He sums up his experience as follows: “I am really pleased with the spectacular effectiveness and convenience of the product, although it does require thorough scouting and a change in mentality on the part of the grower”. He adds that OrnaProtect will be his primary method of aphid control in the future.

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