Farmcare Ltd (Blairgowrie, Scotland)

Farmcare Ltd’s Blairgowrie farm is specialized in the production of soft fruits. Mark Hilditch is its technical manager. He started to use FresaProtect in 2012. The trial he did gave good results and he extended the surface protected by FresaProtect each year to reach 12 ha in 2014. “The key for a successful aphid control is to introduce FresaProtect in a preventive way” says Mark. “In this condition, FresaProtect really gives an excellent control of the aphids. The mix of several parasitoid species allows keeping every aphid species under control. The use of FresaProtect also allows me to avoid using insecticides against aphids which preserves the other introduced beneficials (the predatory mites for instance) and increases the presence of naturally occurring natural enemies (hoverfly larvae, lacewings…) resulting in a very good global pest control. I am really pleased with the results of FreasaProtect and I will continue to use it in the future.” concludes Mark.

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