David Stiernet, strawberry grower in Belgium

The control of aphids throughout the cropping season until the end of harvest is perfectly assured by VIRIDAXIS’ products. Application is fast, easy, and safe. I will definitely continue to apply this concept to protect my crops in the future.

Bernd Tönneßen – Organic grower

The organic grower Bernd Tönneßen (member of the Bioland association) in Bornheim, Germany, used VerdaProtect in 2011 in a tunnel culture of sweet pepper. During the entire crop season (April through September) and even at temperatures reaching 42 °C, all occuring aphids were reliably controlled.

A comparative strategy with commonly used beneficials was equally able to control the aphid populations, the deployment required however a substantially higher expenditure on labor (installation and crop monitoring).

Retrospectively on the season Mr. Tönneßen says: „VerdaProtect is the means of choice, it is easy and fast in application, my crop is well armed against aphids, and I have to invest less – in terms of money and time. Without any doubt, I will use this concept in the future for the protection of my crops.”