Susanne Früh, crop advisor at “Obstgroßmarkt Mittelbaden” (Germany)

Susanne Früh, crop advisor at the producers’ association “Obstgroβmarkt Mittelbaden” in Oberkirch (Germany), grows raspberries and blackberries for variety tests in tunnels. Pests are controlled with as less pesticides as possible. The application of pesticides in the tight vegetation being very difficult, Mrs Früh chooses to use beneficial insects, as they can find and fight the pests even in these dense berry crops. Particularly aphid control has been a major problem in raspberries and blackberries in tunnels. Since BerryProtect is available, Mrs Früh uses this parasitoid mix with good results: ”It is a very well thought concept – from the composition of the different parasitoid species for controlling all aphids in berry crops to the design of the tubes for easy application. And I am glad that I participated with my comments in the development of the release stations: the entire system is really optimal and – most important – user friendly.”

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