LWG Bamberg

The unit for Vegetable Horticulture at the LWG Bamberg (Germany) applies biological plant protection in different strategies:  (a) preventively in a conventional setting and (b) only biological in an organic context. The conventional vegetable growing has the possibility for a chemical curative correction, in case this should be necessary. The objective, however, is a pesticide-free strategy if possible. In this conventional strategy, VerdaProtect has been used preventively in three sets of cucumbers (Proloog,  Greenfit/ Bornand, Bornand/Proloog).

In the organic part, guidelines from ‘Naturland’, an Association for Organic Agriculture promoting organic agriculture, are applied. Chemical crop protection is strictly forbidden. In this setting, VerdaProtect has been used in tomatoes and beans. Peter Gäcklein, managing the vegetable crops within this research station, and the responsible engineer for the conventional trials, Martin Schulz, summarised: “During the entire crop cycle from January until mid-October, aphids have not been an issue at all. We could find some cotton aphids beginning of July in the organic part, but those have been controlled immediately. We will continue to use VerdaProtect  in our greenhouses.”

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